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Fortunately since astrology is centuries old, the age of the book is not as relevant as with other topics. To me this book seems less suited to learning about astrology such as its history, and more about creating and reading charts. And that could be a good thing because you will quickly feel comfortable jumping right in and doing charts for yourself and others. In addition the book explains astrology in simple terms that make concepts easy to understand for just about anyone.

According to the author the book was written to be a textbook for beginning astrology classes. No small feat in my opinion. Coming in at pages and a little smaller format than the other books listed here makes this the perfect pocket companion, easily thrown into your backpack, or stuffed into your messenger bag. Whichever book you choose, you are sure to learn a lot and hopefully have a good time doing it.

There is no need to get in over your head, and with these books to guide you, you will never feel overwhelmed. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

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Retail Price:. This book provides the compatibility between every sign combinations and dispenses advice about health, money, lifestyle, and romance, while also offering advice on dealing with the negative aspects of each sign. This edition also takes an even closer look at the inner life of the individual and the emotional needs that motivate a person.

Chapters include a look back on the history and mythology of astrology as well as the newest developments in astronomy. Whatever the problem, you give the impression that you have an answer ready.

In symbolic terms, the glyph is a half-moon forming a cup that rests on the circle of the Sun. The cup represents material power and wealth derived through the force of will the circle. Its natives put a high regard on collecting possessions and are known to cling to what is theirs. The wealth of Scorpio people tends to be spiritual rather than material, which they give to others in the form of teaching, writing, and the healing arts.

But they are vulnerable to colds, laryngitis, sore throats, and thyroid problems. They of- ten antagonize others and incite the passions of lovers because of their stubbornness and possessiveness. Because perseverance is the quality most needed for success, you tend to be successful.

If you were born under this second sign of the zodiac, there is a pronounced stubborn streak in you. Your greatest strength resides in your tenacity and steady, relentless drive. You are a purposeful achiever who has endless patience to see a thing through, to make it a success. You are the original immovable object and irresistible force. You simply cannot be rushed into anything new. A different approach creates unease and anxiety in you. However, there is volcanic activity going on underneath your easygoing, genial exterior.

You are caring, giving, and affectionate, and have a great fondness for all things beautiful. Ruled by Venus, god- dess of love and beauty, you are endowed with genuine cre- ative gifts, responsive to color and design, inspired by art and music.

Book Review: The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need.

The Taurean taste is supremely elegant. You have a keen eye for what is valuable and are usually an avid collector. Indeed, you were born under one of the two money signs in the zodiac Cancer is the other one , for Taurus represents material possessions.

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Others are fascinated by your rare blending of a down- to-earth person who is such a romantic, poetic sort. You are also driven by the search for security—your byword. You look for permanence in career, love, mar- riage, and home. Let others gad about, jet-set, gallivant, and sleep around. Beneath the surface you are sensuous and sentimental. Your personality is private and self-contained.

You can be dogmatic, secretive, stingy, opinionated, and suspicious, and your silent manner may conceal feelings of envy and rivalry. You have great stores of energy, however, which you put to use when you want to—not when others want you to. Venus emphasizes the social side of Taurus. Although basically shy and reserved with strangers, you can be a wonderful host or hostess. You like to entertain those you are fond of.

The only astrology book you'll ever need, new edition.

You may not indulge as freely in frivolous pleasures as, say, Leo or Libra natives, but you are renowned for enjoying good food and good wine in plush surroundings. You believe in pampering yourself with the comforts of the good life.

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As a person born under this sign, you are an endearing combination of the dependable and sensible, the sensitive and emotional. Inside every practical, stolid-seeming Tau- rean, there is a romantic dreamer struggling to get out.

The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need

The Inner You You need order in your life—you get anxious when things are out of control. And because the unfamiliar makes you feel insecure, you tend to cut yourself off from fresh experiences. You need to be more open to change. Having beautiful things is important to you, and your in- stinct for collecting even spills over into relationships. You hold fast to those you care about.