Pisces weekly horoscope from 22 february 2020

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See your full Aries weekly horoscope. This week has a fun, but also serious tone to it. Go on a date, set a romantic vibe, and live in the moment, Taurus. Read your full Taurus weekly horoscopes. The full moon may entice you to feel safe enough to share your true thoughts in a work environment; just be cautious of how much you say.

As your leisure zones light up this weekend, take yourself on a weekend trip to enjoy a new pace. Read your full Gemini weekly horoscope.

There is some focus on your intellectual areas this week—planning, studying, or researching. While this is all very exciting, your Cancer moodiness could be an issue this week. The full moon lights up an expansive sector in your chart, making things a little more dreamy than usual. Let the feels flow. Read your full Cancer weekly horoscope. Time to market your skills, Leo!

Over the weekend, Saturday will be a great time to network and do business. Read your full Leo weekly horoscope. Prepare for yet another productive week—your favorite! You could see a slight disagreement between you and your family on Thursday. Lastly, Friday will be a great time to develop your relationship with your SO—just watch out for the possibility of mixed messages Neptune can make things a little hazy! Read your full Virgo weekly horoscope. You might want to start devoting time to the things you actually enjoy. Read your full Libra weekly horoscope. Friday night, with the full moon in your romance sections, could make this date night the best night of your life.

Read your full Scorpio weekly horoscope. This week is going to put you in the spotlight again Sagittarius , but prepare for that to shift to your social zones in the next coming weeks—so make the most of it! With the full moon directly relating to your family, this weekend you might want to spend time with them. Call them on the phone, visit in person, but make them a conscious thought this coming Friday and beyond.


Your Weekly Horoscope: The Sun Continues Its Journey into Imaginative Pisces! | oxretrisphalfdeaf.tk

You have worked hard these past two years and are ready for some rewards. A stern, demanding boss is leaving the picture. Pay rises and promotions are likely for you. An uncertainty at the job gets resolved after the 20th. You are in a yearly career high. Continue to cultivate your social skills and the good graces of others.

The Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

Though your goodwill most likely come from others and not from your own personal effort, you do have more leeway to go it alone if necessary. This is very much a month of balancing your own interests with those of others. Love is still unstable, but exciting. Finances seem stormy until the 6th but your financial confidence and judgement seem unusually good, and rapid progress is made towards your financial goals. This month gives you a signal to start taking better care of your health.

More rest, relaxation and maximizing your energy will work wonders. Try to achieve work goals in a relaxed way. Both home and career are ultra-important this month.

Transits for the Year for Pisces Ascendant (And Pisces)

You will see-saw back and forth trying to keep the balance. This is good. Many of you have received pay raises, promotions and greater career recognition lately. Now you will have to pay the price for this — take on more responsibility, exercise power in a just way, and justify your success with real and lasting achievement. The danger now is in getting so wrapped up in social, career and family obligations that there is no time for yourself — for self-fulfilment and personal pleasure.

This time period is increasingly good for those seeking romantic attachments. Those involved in relationships will find that they get happier.

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This is one of the most social periods of your year — and socially successful too. In february , our social confidence grows stronger. A current relationship seems happy and harmonious. Good comes to you through others, just the way you like it. On the 6th most of the planets will be in the upper half of your chart, showing a need to focus more on your career and outward success.

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  4. Libra monthly prediction is not only good on a health level, but in terms of your overall harmony and happiness as well. Finances are exceptionally strong until the 20th. Money comes easily and speedily. Again, your lover, spouse or social connections are the source. Your energy will improve, but you are better to rest and relax in the meantime.

    The need to create harmony in your home, career and social obligations can be taxing. They can be wrong, illogical and often maddening, but losing your temper or getting into a power struggle will not help your cause.

    Mars enters Scorpio

    For most of the month of February the planetary dominance is in the bottom half of your chart. Thus you are focusing on home, family and psychological issues until the 20th, and working to balance these issues with your career thereafter. Love is active and happy but there is much uncertainty about the state of a current relationship. This should straighten out one way or the other by the 20th.

    If the relationship fails, have no fear — there are truly many other fish in the sea this month. Most likely, though, the relationship will succeed. Romance comes at the workplace or with fellow workers. You are socializing with people of prominence and power — people of higher social or financial status than you. Career is aided by social contacts. In February you could see a rapid progress towards your goals. Most of the planets are moving forward. Thus there is a rapid progress towards your goals.

    But there is a tendency to rush things as well — and this could be a danger. Most of the planets are still above the horizon of your chart and your Career planet, Neptune, is receiving beautiful aspects this month. Focus on your career, go as far and as high as you can go, and let emotional and family issues go for a while. Most of the planets are in the west, making this a very social month. However, your personal creativity is very strong and there is luck in speculations. Money comes through partnerships and social connections.

    Your social drive increases by the end of the month and you may well be forging new friendships with wealthy people. This month is very much of a party, happy-go-lucky month — but the emphasis is shifting and you will become serious as the month ends. Your career progress begins to move forward again and you are likely to enjoy good success in this department. In the meantime, you are building the psychological infrastructure for future career progress. The horoscope indicates a major shift in your personal desires.

    Pisces 2020 Year Ahead Horoscope

    You wish to develop your mind and ability to communicate. A desire to get more serious in the coming years — to work and achieve work goals. A desire to get involved in a steady, disciplined health regime. There is a short-term conflict between your financial interest and those of your partner or spouse.

    Compromise will happen, but only after a struggle.